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Every single process and the coming together of all processes within the value chain is essential to the success of your business venture.

What is important to you when thinking of the supply chain management process? What matters most and what would you like to improve?

Thanks to our expertise and decades of experience we are able to optimally advise and assist you in every business situation – such as in procurement, in supplier performance management, in production or in logistics.

We will help you reach your goals – as partners and with foresight.

Procurement – how will we assist you?

wareneinkauf_schrinner_unternehmensberatung_berlin_Change Management Leadership Culture Methodenkompetenz Moderationskompetenz Motivationskompetenz Überzeugungsvermögen Durchsetzungsfähigkeit Kommunikationskultur Langjährige Führungserfahrung mit Gewerblichen und Angestellten Langjährige Erfahrung in Verantwortungsbereichen des mittleren und oberen Managements Restrukturierung und Optimierung Aufbau-und Ablauforganisation Richtlinien und Prozessbeschreibungen Vision, Strategie, Unternehmensleitsätze Zielvereinbarungskultur und - prozess Personalauswahlverfahren Führungskräfteauswahl Teambildung
  • Analysis, realization and implementation of measures to increase process quality and process competency (structural and procedural organization).

  • Analysis, implementation and optimization of material field strategy.

  • Organization and conduction of supplier days, design to cost/design for manufacturing workshops.

  • Analysis, realization and implementation of global value sourcing strategies under consideration of total cost of ownership (TCO).

Supplier Performance – how will we assist you?

  • Active management of suppliers on the basis of monthly purchase key performance indicators.

  • Analysis, realization and implementation of measures at the supplier to increase or stabilize performance while using method-based procedures.

  • Active controlling of these determined measures at the supplier.

Production – how will we assist you?

  • Concepts for the workspace and material flow considering lean-managements.

  • Analysis, implementation and realization of key performance indicators for the planning and controlling of production.

  • “Make-or-Buy” analysis for the determination of production pattern and depth.

  • Methods of competence management (e.g. job profiles, objective agreement processes, procedural and structural organization).

Logistics – how will we assist you?

  • Analysis, realization and implementation of optimized procurement models (e.g. standard part management, consignment stock and contract warehouse concepts).

  • Analysis, implementation and realization of measures to reduce storage space.

  • Inventory management on the basis of company internal key performance indicators and guidelines.

  • Analysis, implementation and realization of measure to reduce transport costs or means (e.g. through standardization).